Sunday, June 18, 2023

Count to ten

Don't give people power over you.

Look at me the wrong way and I am prepared to show you a glare that speaks volumes should I ever need to use it. You need that; you also need to be able to convey with your energy the message that "you are not worthy of even my attention". I can be very sweet and nice to people but also possess a bite honed from life experience which doesn't permit me to be belittled. There are so many lovely people out there but also plenty of idiots waiting to pounce whether you are trans or not so don't give them the cue that they can.       

Occasionally I will fall prey to arguing with dimwits online but it serves no purpose. After all, it's not really satisfying and the troll isn't interested in being reasoned with. They want to rattle and have their bias confirmed.

When I see a comment that is particularly obtuse (which they see as clever) it's an open invitation but then I reconsider as my indignation at the mean spirited dissipates over time. It's perhaps best I leave it alone and chalk it up to what happens to people with no critical thinking skills combined with zero openness to learn.

I tell myself to count to ten and let it go.

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