Friday, March 1, 2024


Well, Ray Williams (formerly Rachel) has appeared on a couple of YouTube channels selling the concept of AGP. He talks about his history of fetishistic dressing and says he is happy to have escaped the "gender cult". He also admits he was into pornography which he says seemed to feed his fetishism.

I don't find this at all surprising as he isn't the first to do this. The problem is that he uses his own experience to generalize that of others. Can sexual pleasure be a primary motivation for some people? Undoubtedly and I have read testaments to the fact but we need to be careful not to generalize.

Ray seems to have fallen for an error I have seen repeated many times which is to associate the presence of arousal with a theory that says all transitions are motivated by aberrant sexuality. Ergo, sexual arousal equals AGP which is not proven but also not scientifically provable.

I wish people wouldn't do this because it's not helpful to others and they should instead just speak to their own personal experience. For the record, Ray transitioned at age 28 and 8 years later detransitioned without having had any surgeries.

I am the first person to caution about sweeping generalizations that say all gender variance equals "trans" which is a conclusion we can question from the narratives of those who openly discuss their histories and motivations; people just like Ray.

Sexuality forms part of every human and the role it plays within gender variant behavior can be complex which is why we can ultimately only speak to our own motivations.

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