Tuesday, June 20, 2023

Before you leap

Above all I want to be a truth teller which is why I can sometimes appear blunt. Writing isn't a form of entertainment for me but a way to explore ideas and challenge myself while I hopefully challenge others who might read my words.

Over the years I have refined my thinking on a whole host of subjects. Gender variance of course but also my political and philosophical views have morphed as well.

Life is an iterative process and as we age we hopefully reflect on concepts and ideas and question and re-evaluate them. Some may fall by the wayside while others are more perfected into something we can explain to others. I used to say that trans people often lack knowledge on gender theory for if we cannot intelligently defend against a transphobe we are not helping ourselves or others. Yes, we can plea based on humanity but detractors have no interest in that. They say, as Ben Shapiro does, that facts don't care about our feelings.

I want to understand concepts at their core before adopting them. Religion, for example, became for me far too laden with human corruption and in many cases used as weapon to wield against those who did not comply. The more orthodox you are the more easily you can be disarmed because your belief is not sufficiently well grounded to withstand attack. If you are intelligent you will concede that reasonable doubt must necessarily form part and parcel of your dogma.

All that being said, if our ideas about ourselves and the world around us bring us towards a greater sense of harmony, then we know we are going in the right direction. In which case, never mind the theory.

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