Friday, June 9, 2023

Blue Jay

You can smell the bittersweet in Blue Jay right from the outset. Filmed in black and white it stars two people who might have ended up together but didn't. They meet again at the grocery store of their small town and then catch up about their lives while not directly addressing a love affair that somehow wasn't meant to be.

She is now married to a man she loves and at first professes she is happy while he appears lost as sometimes we all are. So much melancholy exudes from him and you can sense the regret there hanging like a pall.

Life is strange and the actions in our youth are not appreciated fully until we can look back on them with more maturity. The past can remain in the memory haunting us until we can put it into its proper drawer of perspective and we realize that we can never go home again.

Blue Jay is on Netflix.

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