Monday, June 5, 2023

The coming correction

I'm all for helping people but something is wrong when the manners are completely gone from one segment of society.

He stares at me almost like his request for money is an earned right. Something was clearly disconnected in his brain but it wasn't lack of intelligence it was something worse. I became a little rattled and walked away from the lovely Veronique, who I had been talking to, and wished her a good day rather than let temper get the best of me. At 60 years of age I will put you in your place in a heartbeat and his unfiltered sense of entitlement was going to get the better of me.

We are not in a good place in the world and between the wealth disparity and the right wing's increasing bravery with their vomit-inducing toxicity and stupidity we are headed for more trouble until something ugly forces a correction.

In the 20th century that correction was the second world war and I fear something equally drastic will need to happen here.

Because we never learn.

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