Wednesday, June 14, 2023


There is a cost to broadcasting lies. Some networks chose not to broadcast Trump's post arraignment comments because it is clear it would all be chock full of mendacity which would, of course, work marvelously well on his flock but contribute nothing to the public good.

This is the era where truth is optional and subservient to personal belief with social media amplifying the opinions of the hopelessly uninformed. You don't need to read history or understand politics, you just need to find your kindred souls online and take it from there.

To be sure, Trump's ascendancy would not have been possible without evangelical radicalism and general mistrust of public institutions boosted by online radicalization. Even post arrest his popularity will only grow among a party that has become a cult of personality because in Trump they see a shit disturber who can inject chaos into what they want destroyed. He is someone who can say the quiet part out loud for them. That the most fervent disciples are the ones most being duped is dripping in pure irony.

There are more good people than evil ones but it is the latter who cause all the chaos. What was revealed during Trump's tenure is that there was far more festering under the surface than we dared to admit and that there are more people who are effectively both unreachable and unfixable.

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