Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Learning curve

I had coffee with Natalie early this morning. She was late and looked tired from not having slept much. She manages to get four hours on a good night she tells me. This is our first time meeting one on one as I would only previously see her order and run at the same place we both frequented. This time it was at the public market.

She is so happy to talk to me she says and I am glad to oblige as I am very good one on one. I am careful with people and I determine fairly quickly what I can say to each person after reading them. It all ended very well with a mutual promise to repeat.

I kept thinking afterwards that being a transgender person living openly requires quite a learning curve because I reflect on just how much progress I have made from looking back. Last night before going to bed I looked at a handwriten journal entry from 2010 which predates my start in blogging by two years and it was almost hard to recognize the apprehensive person who wrote it.

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