Wednesday, April 3, 2024

Bottomless barrel

There is an interesting subgroup within the gender variant community that ostensibly says "I am all man but I love to dress as a woman". They don't adopt an alternate name or make any attempts to alter their voice. They simply enjoy the expression and seem to almost derive joy from outing themselves. They might be among the last people to seek hormonal or surgical changes

This is yet another subtype which can confuse the general public and from which some transgender people seek their distance. But the reality is that the mix of expression and identity can be extremely varied which is why I stick to the broad category of gender variance as a descriptor for all its forms.

So while the other end of the gradient is mired in arguing over what constitutes womanhood, these individuals just want to be accepted on their own terms. But here we can hit on the roadblock that sex and gender have been made so sacrosanct that we are being forced to pick up all gender variance under one tent whose inhabitants are then free to argue amongst themselves and made easy pickings for gender criticals.

If more people on this planet were intelligent and secure we wouldn't have so much drama over something so benign but if I've learned anything in my life it's that human stupidity is almost a bottomless barrel.

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