Saturday, June 22, 2024

A distribution

If David Reimer's case showed us that John Money was wrong in that gender identity cannot be imposed, then we could argue that gender dysphoria perhaps has genetic roots.

The next question which begs asking involves the predisposition towards gender variance for those with zero problem with birth sex and the ingredients which need to be present. Certainly the binary as it was sold to us wasn't real in the sense that it frowned on the natural inclinations of some people. Contravention was simply discouraged the way left handedness was.

If all children were spared gender rules, we would end up with a natural distribution which would include people who did not fit comfortably in either binary extreme. They would not necessarily want to modify their physical body but would settle for some measure of androgynous appearance and mannerisms. We are in fact seeing this happen slowly in society within a certain faction.

It makes perfect sense that birth genitalia does not govern our behaviour which is more the business of the brain. But there has historically been so much societal, political and religious investment in predictability of gender behavior, that allowing too much variation invariably upset the apple cart.

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