Monday, April 24, 2023

dog chases car

Critical thinking is a quality sorely lacking in our world and with social media leveling the playing field we could say it is an era which even celebrates ignorance. Today you don't need to do your homework but simply yell louder than the next person and be much more emphatic.

But given this is something I cannot change I am committing to doing my own small part to educate. I will no longer become indignant because for every convert there are 2 more waiting in the wings. People live by their dogmas no matter how unfounded and it often takes tremendous effort to knock them off their perch. That crazy relative who gets their news and ideology from Facebook isn't going to be swayed when both pride and lack of critical thinking plague them.

To avoid radicalization we need to make things better for people which is how they will be convinced. If both their economic situation and quality of life improve they can perhaps be brought back from the precipice of conspiratorial ideology.

Marjorie Taylor Greene perhaps best exemplifies the conspiracy nut subsisting on grievance loose in the political arena and, like the dog chasing a car, she wouldn't know what to do with once faced with needing to provide concrete solutions.

With the utmost respect to the dog of course.


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