Tuesday, April 25, 2023


Shyness and being different do not make good bedfellows. Life demands that we burn off insecurity for survival and being overwhelmed with this affliction does not lend itself towards that goal. With age we gain experience and hopefully also insight into the value of living authentically without fear of prejudice.

We all succeed to varying degrees and at different stages of life to break away from the fear of judgement. Necessity may finally force our hand because failure to do so is the more painful option and afterwards we may then marvel at why we did not act sooner.

Personal growth cannot be rushed and each stage is left to stew in its own juices until some relevant nugget of truth is extracted. Without introspection we do not necessarily wither but then we also do not progress. 

Today I am a better version of myself but it wasn't easy getting here and even then there are still all kinds of warts to eliminate.

All in due course.

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