Sunday, April 23, 2023


This post-pandemic period of history is markedly turbulent. Mirroring the start of the previous century, there is a malaise fed by social injustice and a backlash particularly from the white baby boomer who fears the new unknown. Society is in transition and they don't like it  which once again stokes the embers of fascism in places we did not expect.

Meanwhile the stochastic terrorism of social media platforms like Twitter feeds into the belittling one's enemy producing no redeeming outcomes. We have opened pandora's box and cannot close it again but at least we distract each other with platitudes and selfies which inhibits getting to the root of our real problems. These include being more isolated than ever and deeply cynical of our institutions. With each opinion having equal weight, objective truth need not matter.

I try to stay optimistic in spite of everything because human beings always seem to find ways to reinvent themselves and the pendulum will swing back somehow.

Or so I like to tell myself.

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