Sunday, April 30, 2023

Self improvement

Our ideas about ourselves can morph even over the course of the same week and we can be so self critical that the flagelation exceeds the gravity of the crime commited. This is something to be worked on particularly if you tend towards excessive self analysis as I do.

Understanding how our past affects us is pivotal here and phobias or fixations developed in childhood will be particularly persistent to eradication. In working through them there can be much frustration when we don't see the amount of progress we would like.

I think it helps us to realize we are deeply flawed creatures prone to reversals because that way we can forgive the missteps. When our only goal is to always move forward and do the right thing we can be looser and more forgiving of inherent flaws. Hence we can embrace imperfection while still shooting for improvement and know we won't reach the high bar.

I endeavor to work on this more and more.

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