Friday, May 26, 2023


Just to be very clear, I am very supportive of everyone. So when I say I have reservations about any community it is because we are all individuals and should proceed accordingly. For example, no two trans persons are alike and the experiences that shaped them necessarily makes their outlook and actions completely unique. To say otherwise is almost like saying that every trans person we meet we will have an instant affinity for.

Rather than think in terms of the trans community or the LGBTQ community, I want to think about the human race in general and our right to lead dignified lives without prejudice provided you aren't hurting anyone else. Unfortunately, for some deeply unhappy people of this world, this seems to be asking too much.

Hence, it is injustice in general which perturbs me and the reality that it often involves misinformation to achieve a desired goal. Historically this has meant villifying minority communities in order to marginalize them. Whether that was visible minorities, women, particular religious faiths or some other group, the aim is always to create sinister talking points to encourage attacks and even genocide such as what happened to Jews during the holocaust. Hence, punching down seems to be part of the predisposition of many.

At this point in my life the blinders are completely off and the amount of people I see with no critical thinking skills to speak of no longer astounds me; it just deeply disappoints. Because of this, rights are not won without turmoil and often through the experiencing of much violence. The civil rights movement, Stonewall, women's suffrage; all were uphill battles against orthodoxy which was irrational but which had been imprinted in the minds of many who dare not question them. Imagine today the concept of a "whites only" drinking fountain and it makes one's skin crawl except that for many that was once not only acceptable but desirable.

So I have resigned myself to the fact that there is no cure for human ignorance in that every time we win a new battle, there will be another waiting in the wings. 

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