Wednesday, June 7, 2023


The loosening of our social conventions has created a very wide playing field which has allowed some people to play with sexuality and gender just because they can.

I think because of this, some transgender people have fallen victim to this confusing time and are being grouped in with this exploration. Don't get me wrong, it's not that we want to deny people rights to express themselves, it's just that we are lumping together different phenomena. That the general public cannot make this distinction is a given but even many within the gender variant community also cannot or will not. We need to realize that we just cannot homogenize to such an extent.

Hence some transgender people seeking access to medical care are being castigated by right wing histrionics in this era of exploration when this matter for them can be a life and death issue. That people on the right should leave everyone alone is common sense but they aren't about to do that and love the idea of coalescing all divergence from a norm as social cancer; their combination of ignorant and disingenous won't allow it. As a result of their pushback, some trans people are losing access to medical care.

Again, it's not about denying anyone their right to live as they choose, it's about using more careful definitions in identifying people for whom living fully authentically contains no elements of choice. It is absolute necessity.

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