Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Religion and trans

I would check in on Kimberly Beregrove's channel every so often to see how she was doing. As a fellow Canadian who also has struggled all my life with gender dysphoria I found some common ground especially since there had been an omnipresent religious background in my past. She is very much more orthodox than I but her continued struggle through that lens still resonates with me.

When I realized this morning that the channel was deleted I first feared the worst and finally saw that there was a message on YouTube from a friend giving her status. Kimberly was going through a brutal bout of dysphoria and was struggling with its effects which at their worst can be almost debilitating. As a reflex she had taken down her channel.

Kimberly and I had exchanged a few messages on her channel and even compared notes on Blanchard's work for which I have no love for. Thankfully, she had done her homework, and we largely agreed with each other.

However, I always worry a little more when this subject is filtered through religion because the temptation is often to say that this is something one prays their way out of when no such thing is possible. If you are born transgender you are that way for life and the only question which remains is how to address your dysphoric feelings which is a highly personal issue for each person and consumate with their level of dysphoria.

Sure enough, within the message from her friend the term "transgender ideology" was used which sent a little shiver down my spine (although he later clarified what he meant). Knowing that Kimberly is an articulate and very reflective person who has a loving wife, she will eventually find a solution. I just hope she does not go down the alley of suppression I tried for years unsuccessfully which led to much stress and turmoil. Something this intrinsic to your essence cannot be handled in this manner.

I hope that she is well and will be back stronger than ever once she finds what her approach needs to be.

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