Thursday, June 29, 2023

The way back

Jack Smith has a treasure trove of evidence; almost an embarrassment of riches. However the problem is that the climate is so coarse and so partisan that getting a narcissistic criminal off to jail will not be easy. If Smith somehow manages to just keep Trump from ever holding office again, it may be enough triumph for the American people and for justice itself.

Fake electors, coercive phone calls in Georgia, insurrection plotting, stealing classified documents, etc; the list of crimes makes Watergate pale by comparison. For all of Nixon's Machiavellian nature and scheming he at least wasn't a complete imbecile however that was an era before George Orwell became fully prophetic about the power of propaganda and the gullible nature of humanity.

I am uncertain if there is a way back from this. A return to truth will be difficult in a world where individual opinion, no matter how unfounded, carries considerably more weight. A world where the pronouncements of the jester are equal to those of the sage.

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