Monday, June 12, 2023


We tend to be transactional beings. If people call us we will call them back; if they listen we will return the favor when we need to be listened to. It's a fair system which needs to also take into account personality differences and we should not penalize those who call us less because it's just their nature not to.

I am trying to remove unreasonable transactional expectation from my life palette because it leads nowhere but to disappointment. People are who they are and we must take them at face value provided they are decent and honest. Parents can be transactional too and favor children and grandchildren who call more often and unwittingly create favorites in their mind.

As we get older we recognize that everyone wrestles with their history and looks for ways to be calmer and happier. That exercise sometimes necessitates we cocoon and care for the soul in a way that those around us might frown upon.

Such is life I say and so be it.

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