Wednesday, November 29, 2023


I watched part of an interview with a young male to female detransitioner who was first queried about whether they might be "trans" by a woman they met at a party. Questions began sprouting in his mind simply because he was a sensitive male and had some qualities you could describe as feminine. The woman had some friends who had transitioned and she seemed to find similarities in him during their talk.

That was enough for him to get online and begin to study the topic and compare notes with others. Within two years he had gone down the transition rabbit hole.

Before that chance meeting with this young woman, he admitted to never having had any questioning regarding his gender. He stated during the interview that he never should have transitioned and simply remained the version of a male which suited him. That this statement sounds rather obvious to some of us shows the power of influence and where it can lead you.

It's probably a good idea not to transition if you don't have a history of gender dysphoria and don't trace any disconnect back to childhood. Even then there are options for gender dysphorics such as the road I took with social transition. 

I keep thinking that it's definitely going to take quite a while to sort this whole thing out. However at least we are having a frank and open discussion which, despite the risks it currently poses for those who do indeed benefit from transition, should hopefully lead to a more enlightened society as a whole.

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