Monday, December 11, 2023

Both a long way

I don't take pictures of myself except when I get excited about a thrift store purchase to check the fit. Patricia found this sweater dress which she said was screaming out to me. Sure enough she was right and when I put it on at home it was perfect. I was so sure it would work in fact that I don't bother trying it on in the store which was bustling this past Saturday. Just picking it up and inspecting it with outstretched arms clinched the deal which is what happens when you know what fits your body.

Paired with black leggings and winter booties it was exactly what I was still missing in my wardrobe and am wearing it today when meeting my sister who is visiting from Vancouver; the one who 16 years ago was threatening to perform an exorcism on me when I came out to her. At that time I felt sure I had at most a childhood-developped penchant for dressing I could keep in check and still lead a "normal" life; an idea which my continued introspection would eventually prove to be completely false.

Needless to say we have both come a long, long way.

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