Monday, December 11, 2023


Without a doubt this is the most turbulent geopolitical climate of my lifetime. There is great post-pandemic uncertainty plus a definite push towards authoritarian rule and not just in America. Argentina and the Netherlands are the latest to flirt with populist rhetoric promising to fix the ills of their respective societies.

That we are now paying for the sins of Neoliberalism is without a doubt part of the malaise. First world nations allowed capitalists to farm out their industries to lower nations so they could pay meager wages which did nothing but worsen the lives of their own citizenry who are going to storm the Bastille. January 6th in the US was just a preview of more to come.

Not all people understand the mechanisms at play which got us here but they can feel the pinch when they try to buy food or look for housing they can't afford and settle for living in their cars.

Who would have thought that short sightedness and greed have a way of coming back to bite you.

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