Monday, March 4, 2024

Yin and Yang

Identity does not change with one's clothing. This was the final piece I needed to establish as I would still present male at times and felt I was chickening out. It was the price I paid for not wanting to come out to the hundreds of people I know in one fell swoop after a long career; people who did not need not necessarily need to know.

Once my sense of identity was firmly in place I was able to let go of the idea of two entities residing in the same body. I present female 90% of the time which may yet become 100% but I do not worry about that final step especially given how incredibly far this mule-headed person has come.

I needed desperately to get rid of the idea of a secret identity one trots out on occasion irrespective of frequency. This was ultimately not helping elevate my self-esteem plus living in almost complete secrecy (aside from family and very close friends) was also proving to be anathema to the health of the psyche. In so doing I also repatriated the feminine and the masculine energies (the Yin and the Yang if you will) which we all possess into one vessel.

What a huge difference it has made.

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