Monday, March 4, 2024

No surprise

With garbled and often incomprehensible speech, Trump is showing signs that not all is well upstairs which is rather dismaying given his starting point as a low information imbecile. For many of us his tenacity and continuing support with so many voters is frustrating which is more confirmation that people are not superbly well-informed. I only need to look at interviews with Trump supporters to hear their views likely picked up via right wing media.

Biden for his part is not a stellar candidate but for a tired establishment Democrat, he has surprised simply by keeping the boat steady and away from controversy. But that may not be enough for young voters angry with his Israel support during mass bombings of civilians.

These are not the best of times and with great cultural changes keeping people disoriented it's never been easier to capitalize during an echo chamber era where each side seethes with anger. Firm positions on major cultural issues have been staked out and minds will not be changed.

Abortion, LGBTQ rights, immigration, poverty and crime are all being used to incite anger by the right to sell the idea that America might be better off with authoritarian rule. Look up project 2025 to see how aspirations of mean-spirited dogma can roll back civil rights.

I wish I were more surprised but I've learned too much in my life for it to be otherwise.

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