Thursday, June 1, 2023


Being busy and distracted can often impede self assessment and we can fill our plates with so many activities that we avoid looking inward. Our careers being of course the primary distraction for much of our lives.

Once we are retired however, there is nowhere to hide and whatever was previously not dealt with, can come beckoning for our attention. If you are a trans person who avoided self acceptance or a transition for example, it can invariably all come crashing down on your plate. Hopefully that's not you and you have managed to do internal work over the years to deal with those little demons borne of your dysphoria. You developped coping mechanisms which you relied on as I did.

If I can be accused of anything it is over self analysis and yet I think this has helped me avoid pitfalls even as I suffered the cycle of repetitive thinking. It was my way of being sure footed. Now, completely free of distractions, the remaining clean up work is being done because it must; because the biggest challenge of my lifetime demands it.

You've been dutifully warned.

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