Thursday, June 1, 2023

The unwitting

Some people almost seem to want to be lied to. I was recently  watching a documentary on Hitler and his gift for stirring up passion in his crowds is what elevated him to level of  German Fuhrer; that and his passionate hatred for the "other". Yet in his youth, his fellow WWI soldiers found him strange and hopelessly anti social.

Others who later met Hitler one on one found him to be quite unremarkable and even awkward. It reminds one of Trump and his unbelievable stupidity and malevolence and yet both men could capture an audience through exaggerated bluster which had no substance behind it; both examples of how childhood dysfunction can sometimes create monsters. Hitler had a horrific one.

Of course he met his end through suicide and Trump will run out of runway soon enough in his own way. But it reminds one of the power of charlatans and how they weave their magic on the unwitting.

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