Yes I am aware I don't have much of a filter left. I am direct after working for so long in a technical field plus I am very much driven by the theory of this subject matter. After so many years we lose inhibition and fear because we are exhausted by the irrational in the world which is so encouraged by insecurity. We often measure our value by how much we step on the other.

We should all want to help and accept each other on our own terms. Were that to be the case, people would be free to be more genuine and there would be less need for masks in the world. That mine has been removed has been cause for celebration but I can so relate to anyone who is struggling.

My parents pushed self sufficiency on me which I credit with both my resilience and my stubbornness in refusing to come to terms much sooner. Two sides of the same card it seems and they had me build a hard shell for the self protection of an overly timid and sensitive child.

We should all come to accept who we are in full transparency and in so doing attract those who see us for our full value.


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